Vital Earth Minerals Feature

If you are concerned about sugars, fillers and other junk then you will definitely want to try supplements from Vital Earth because they are as keto friendly as you can get. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the amount of variety in supplements and you are bound to find what you need. If you’re anything like me the cleaner the products the better and Vital Earth did a great job there.

The Brain Plan

effective and practical program for anybody who is interested in utilizing a well-formulated ketogenic diet for better brain function

Journey out of darkness

My work, my collaborations, and my constant study are wrapped up in Epilepsy and I couldn’t be happier. I took something that was crushing my spirit, breaking my soul and at times literally killing me and turned it into what drives me.


Just because your keto doesn’t mean you can’t make holiday bark. My husband says holiday bark is a bit like a fat bomb just a bit(more…)

Further Food Feature

Further Food This is a company that believes in the philosophy of food is medicine.  Their home page tag line is “Helping You Eat Better and(more…)

5 Beneficial Essential Oils

  Essential Oils Five beneficial essential oils and  how easy it can be to incorporate into a busy life. A great addition to your self-care regime is(more…)


Who doesn’t like chocolate and pumpkin?  If you dislike pumpkin just swap out pumpkin for a friendly nut butter.  I like to use macadamia nut butter. (more…)

Lily’s Sweets Feature

Lily’s Sweets Is a company that offers chocolate sweetened with stevia and erythritol instead of sugar which can be great for many who practice a low(more…)