Just because your keto doesn’t mean you can’t make holiday bark. My husband says holiday bark is a bit like a fat bomb just a bit(more…)

Further Food Feature

Further Food This is a company that believes in the philosophy of food is medicine.  Their home page tag line is “Helping You Eat Better and(more…)

5 Beneficial Essential Oils

  Essential Oils Five beneficial essential oils and  how easy it can be to incorporate into a busy life. A great addition to your self-care regime is(more…)


Who doesn’t like chocolate and pumpkin?  If you dislike pumpkin just swap out pumpkin for a friendly nut butter.  I like to use macadamia nut butter. (more…)

Lily’s Sweets Feature

Lily’s Sweets Is a company that offers chocolate sweetened with stevia and erythritol instead of sugar which can be great for many who practice a low(more…)


These are more like a simple snack.  They have little in the way of macros (fat,carbs or protein) but they are packed with collagen which is(more…)

Fat Snax Cookie Feature

  Fat Snax Is a cookie that is sugar-free, low-carb and packed with fat, which means it’s a ketogenic friendly cookie.  Fat Snax has one mission(more…)